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Mr. Donohue's Classes


English 12
Old Man & The Sea Study Questions
Dorian Gray Study Questions
Separate Peace Study Questions
Frankenstein Study Questions
Frankenstein Study Questions

Answer each question in a complete paragraph.  Completed questions are due every Friday. 

Frankenstein or The Modern Prometheus by Mary Shelly

Study Questions:

Answer each question with a complete paragraph on a separate sheet of paper.



1.      Who is Prometheus?

2.      What is wanderlust?

    3.   What is R.W.'s estimation of the man he finds on the ice (Victor)?

Chapter 1:

  1. What do we, the readers, learn about Victor's childhood?

2. How does Victor's childhood shape his personality?


  1. Who are Henry Clerval, Elizabeth and William?

2.   For what reason does Victor read books?

3. What types of books does Victor prefer? Why?

Chapter 3:

  1. Who are Victor's teachers?

2. What different influences does each of Victor's teachers have on him?

3. What is Victor's opinion of the science of the past?


  1. How many years is Victor at university?

2. What keeps Victor from returning home to Switzerland?

3. How does Victor finally discover the secret of life?

Chapter 5:

  1. How does Victor feel and react when his creation finally comes to life? -Why?

2. Describe the fist meeting between Victor and his creation.

3. What is the importance (symbolism) of the creature's "reaching out" to Victor when it comes to life?


  1. What effect does Elizabeth's letter have on Victor?

2. How has Victor's opinion on science and learning changed?

3. The creature seems to have disappeared. - Where do you think he has gone?

Chapter 7:

  1. What happens to Victor's Brother?

2. Who is finally accused of the murder?  Why?

3. How might the events in chapter 7 foreshadow events to come in the novel?

Chapter 8:

  1. How do Victor's feelings towards his creation change?

2. Why does Victor compare himself to an author or artist?

  1. Who does Victor hold responsible for the death of his brother William? Explain your answer.



Chapters 9&10:

  1. How is nature personified during the two chapters?  Give examples.
  2. Until what point does the creature wait to appear? Why?
  3. Why is the creature a surprise to Victor (as well as the readers)


  1. What aspects of nature cause the creature pain?
  2. How is the creatures pain symbolic?  Explain the symbolism.
  3. Explain the significance of the creatures discovery of fire.
  4. The creature uses the words, the barbarity of man; explain what he means by this.


  1. How does observing the poor family help the monster become aware of his won existence?
  2. Does his new knowledge help him to see good or evil in human nature as well as his own/

Chapters 13&14:

  1. What is the history of the creatures friends?
  2. What effect does the DeLacys betrayal have on the creature?

Chapter 15:

  1. What three books does the creature find?
  2. Why is the fact of the creature reading John Milton Ironic?
  3. Why is the discovery of a book by Plutarch appropriate for the creature?

Chapter 16:

  1. After leaving the poor family, what does the creature vow?
  2. Describe the scene with the little girl at the river. How does this episode affect the creature?
  3. What is the creatures demand and threat to Victor?

Chapter 17:

  1. What is Victors fear in creating a female monster?
  2. Why does the creature want Victor to build a female counterpart for him?
  3. After hearing the whole story, what are Victors feelings towards his creation?
  4. Why does Victor agree to the creatures demands?

Chapter 18:

  1. Can Victor be considered a coward at the beginning of this chapter?  Explain your answer.
  2. What does Victors dialogue with his father reveal?
  3. Why does Henry Clerval quote poetry?  What does this show the reader about him?

Chapters 19&20:

  1. How is Victors first act of creation (the creature) different from the new act in chapter twenty?  Explain you answer.
  2. What does Victor do with his new creation?
  3. What is the creatures reaction to this?
  4. Is the creature now the master of his creator?  Explain your answer.

Chapter 21:

  1. What has happened to Henry Clerval?
  2. Who is blamed for the deaths in the town?
  3. What is the effect of having two months pass between Victors incarceration and his freedom?

Chapter 22:

  1. How does Victor feel about the acts of the creature (his creation)?
  2. Compare Elizabeth to the monster.  What effect does each have on Victor?
  3. Knowing the danger, why does Victor go ahead with his wedding plans?

Chapter 23:

  1. How does the wedding plans end?
  2. What is Victors reaction to the destruction of everything he loves?
  3. Why can this destruction be seen as ironic?

Chapter 24:

  1. During the chase to the North Pole, why does the creature keep Victor alive?
  2. Why, at the end, does Victor refrain from giving R.W. the secret of life?  Is this action appropriate?  Explain.
  3. What emotions does the creature exhibit when he sees his creator for the final time?
  4. Where does the creature go at the end of the novel?  Why?


See me before first bell or after last period with any questions.