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Mr. Donohue's Classes


English 12
Old Man & The Sea Study Questions
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Separate Peace Study Questions
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Separate Peace Study Questions

Assigned questions will be collected on the last day of the week. 

A Separate Peace by John Knowles

 Chapter 1

  1. Where does the story take place?
  2. What three places does Gene go back to visit? How has each changed?
  3. Define the literary technique of flashback.
  4. What time period does the novel take place in?
  5. Why do the boys attending the summer session jump out of the tree?
  6. Why are Gene and Finny late for dinner?  What is Genes reaction to this?

 Chapter 2

  1. Why do the Masters treat the boys differently during the summer session?
  2. Why does Finny wear the pink shirt?  Explain your answer.
  3. What is the adults reaction to Finnys pink shirt?
  4. What is the point of The Suicide Society of the Summer Session?
  5. Who are the charter members of the society?

 Chapter 3

  1. What is Genes reaction to Finny practically saving his life?  Why?
  2. What is Blitzkrieg Ball?  Who invented the game?
  3. What type of character is Leper?
  4. Why does the adult Gene call the age of sixteen the Crucial and natural age?
  5. What school sports record does Finny break?
  6. Why doesnt he tell anyone about breaking the record?
  7. What are Genes feelings about Finnys secret record?
  8. Where do Gene and Finny go instead of studying?

 Chapter 4

  1. How does Gene describe his first sunset?
  2. What doesnt Finny understand about Genes goals in school?
  3. What are the two realizations Gene comes to about Finny?
  4. Why doesnt Finny think that Gene needs to study?
  5. What is Genes reaction to the truth about Finny?
  6. Explain the action at the end of the chapter?

 Chapter 5

  1. What injuries does Finny sustain from his fall from the tree?
  2. Why doesnt Gene tell Finny the truth?
  3. Why does Finny Apologize to Gene?
  4. What are Finnys rules for living?

 Chapter 6

  1. Why has peace deserted Devon?
  2. Who is Quackenbush?  What type of person is he?
  3. What activity does Gene sign up for?  Why?
  4. Why do Gene and Quackenbush get into a fight?
  5. What does Finny think about Genes choice of activity?  Explain.

 Chapter 7

  1. Who is Brinker Hadley?
  2. What does Brinker mean when he accuses Gene of practically fratricide?
  3. What does the mock trial in the Butt Room show the reader about Gene?
  4. How come Leper doesnt volunteer to shovel snow from the railroad tracks?
  5. How do the boys react to the passing train?  Why?
  6. How will Finnys return affect life at Devon?

 Chapter 8

  1. What differences does Finny notice about Devon?  Why are these changes happening?
  2. How does Gene fell about Finnys return?
  3. What does Finny tell Gene he believes about the war?
  4. Before the fall, what was Finnys dream?
  5. How does Finny deal with the loss of his dream?  How does Gene fell about this?

 Chapter 9

  1. Who is the first student to enlist in the army?  Why?
  2. Who comes up with the idea for the winter festival?  Why?
  3. List the events that take place at the festival.
  4. What are the awards to be won at the festival?
  5. Who sends Gene a telegram?  What does it say?

 Chapter 10

  1. What does Leper mean when he says he escaped?
  2. Describe the changes that have occurred in Leper?
  3. What caused these changes?
  4. What does Leper mean by telling Gene of the savage underneath?
  5. What does Leper accuse Gene of doing?  Why?

 Chapter 11

  1. Why do Gene and Brinker and Finny get into a fight?
  2. What does Gene tell everybody about Leper?  What is their reaction?
  3. Why does Finny compare himself to Caesar?  Why might this be important in terms of the novel?
  4. Why does Brinker set up the trial?  Explain your answer.
  5. Who is the surprise witness?  What testimony does he give?
  6. What is Finnys reaction to the truth?

 Chapter 12

  1. What is the prognosis for Finny?
  2. Why does Gene go to visit Finny?
  3. What do we find out about Finny and the war?  Why is this important?
  4. Describe Finny and Genes relationship after the second fall.
  5. What is Finnys fate at the end of the chapter?  Explain why.
  6. Why cant Gene cry?

 Chapter 13

  1. What happens to each character after graduation?
  2. Why doesnt Gene ever talk about Finny?  Explain.
  3. How has Gene come to grips with his actions?
  4. Where is Finny to Gene?  Explain your answer.

See me before or after school in room 301 with any questions.