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Mr. Donohue's Classes


English 12
Old Man & The Sea Study Questions
Dorian Gray Study Questions
Separate Peace Study Questions
Frankenstein Study Questions

Welcome back to the web world of Mr. Donohue. 

The Picture of Dorian Gray study questions will be assigned every week.  We will begin preparing for the English Regents soon.  Bring your Barron's book with you to class every day until the regents exams are over.  The work in preparation for the regents will begin in ernest in November.

Extra Credit : 4paragraph essay
Use either the Historical or Biographical perspective to discuss the science behind the novel The Picture of Dorian Gray.  Hand this in any tie before the exam on the novel.  This will, if done properly, add 3 points to your exm grade.  You may choose to do this as extra credit for your project grade.  A six paragraph essay that fully explores the subject above will earn up to 6 extra points.  I will accept only typed papers up until the day before the end of the quarter.  Any papers handed in on the final day of the quarter will not be accepted.  Any papers delivered to my mailbox will not be accepted.  You must hand the paper personally to me.  For those willing to take advantage of this, good luck & I hope it helps.

See me with any questions