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Mr. Donohue's Classes


English 12
Old Man & The Sea Study Questions
Dorian Gray Study Questions
Separate Peace Study Questions
Frankenstein Study Questions
English 12

Seniors must pass English to graduate.
Extra credit for the 2nd quarter - read Babylon Revisited by F Scott Fitzgerald beginning on page 310 in the text.  Answer the questions following the story.  Each question must be answered with a paragraph that fully explores each question.  You may use question #6 as an essay for additional extra credit.  This work will be due before the last day of the semester.  Only typed work will be accepted.  Any work handed to me on the last day of the semester will not be accepted.  Any work found in my mailbox will not be accepted; you must hand your work to me in person.  To those of you willing to to partake in this assignment, good luck & I hope this helps.

The Senior Research Project is worth 25% of your Second Quarter Grade.
Research papers are due November 24th.  No excuses will be accepted!
November 18th is the Reading Notes Test.  You may use your novel and all notes that you've made when takiing this test.

I am available in room 301, to answer your questions before school.