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Mr. Donohue's Classes


English 12
Old Man & The Sea Study Questions
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Old Man & The Sea Study Questions

These will be assigned in class and collected on the last day of each week.

The Old Man and The Sea by Hemmingway


Study Questions :

(all questions must be answered in full, complete sentences in order to receive full credit for homework.)


Pages 1-27

  1. What is the Old mans Name?
  2. What is the boys name?  What country does the story take place in?
  3. What is salao?
  4. Why has the boys parents forbidden him to fish with the old man?
  5. Describe the old mans hands and his sail.
  6. Describe the relationship between the old man and the boy.
  7. Describe the old mans home.
  8. Why does the boy go through the fiction of the yellow rice and the net every day?
  9. Why do the boy and the old man talk about baseball?
  10. Who id the old mans favorite team and player?
  11. What does the old man dream about? Why?
  12. What awakens the old man from his sleep?


Pages 27-47

  1. Even though Santiago is old, his sense of smell is strong.  What does this symbolize?
  2. Why does the old man think of the sea as La Mar (The female)?
  3. Who thinks of the sea as El Mar (Male)? Why?
  4. What does the man-of-war bird show the old man?  What does this tell the reader about him?
  5. How does Santiago compare the turtles to himself?
  6. What is the first fish the old man catches?
  7. Why does the old man talk aloud to himself?
  8. How does Santiago know what type of fish makes the green sticks dip sharply?
  9. Why does the old man talk to the fish? What does he say?
  10. Once the fish is hooked, what does it do?
  11. In what direction id the fish pulling? How does Santiago know this?


Pages 48-70

  1. Why does the memory of the male and female marlin that he caught with the boy sadden Santiago?
  2. What does the old man promise the fish?
  3. How does the fish hurt the old man?
  4. What type of fish does the old man eat?
  5. Why does the old man consider the fish to be his brother?
  6. Which arm betrays the old man?  Why does this humiliate him?
  7. Describe the fish that the old man sees jump out of the water.
  8. What prayer does the old man say for strength?  Why is this appropriate?
  9. Why does the old man remember the hand game with the great Negro from Cienfuegos?


Pages 71-100

  1. How does the old man slow the fish down?
  2. How does the old man know the fish is tiring?
  3. Why is it important that the fish jumps out of the sea?
  4. Why must the old man control the fishs pain?
  5. During his final battle with the fish, what does the old man fear will happen?
  6. How does the old man kill the fish?
  7. How big is the fish?
  8. Once again, the old man thinks of the fish as a brother.  Explain this new perspective.


Pages 101-127

  1. When does the first shark strike?  What type of shark is it?
  2. What weapon does the old man use to kill the first shark?
  3. The old man says, A man can be destroyed but not defeated.  What does he mean by this statement?
  4. What weapons does the old man use to fight the sharks?
  5. In what order does the old man lose his weapons?  How does this add to the suspense of the story?
  6. Why does Santiago apologize to the fish during the shark attacks?
  7. What is left of the Marlin?
  8. What do the townspeople think of the old man upon his return?
  9. How does Manalo feel about the old man at the end of the story?
  10. Does the old man win or lose his battle with the sea?  Explain your answer.

See me with any questions in room 301 before school.